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August 31, 2009

Montgomery (Alabama) 1840 Census

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Transcription of 1840 Montgomery Census

Much of the 1840 census is illegible, typos are expected … beautiful penmanship with entirely too many loops

Montgomery (Alabama) 1840 Census

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Transcription of 1840 Montgomery Census

Much of the 1840 census is illegible, typos are expected … beautiful penmanship with entirely too many loops

Bourchier, Henry [England]

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Henry Bourchier, 1st Earl of Essex – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Henry Bourchier, 1st Earl of Essex
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Henry Bourchier, 5th Baron Bourchier, 1st Viscount Bourchier, 1st Earl of Essex (c. 1404/c. 1406 – 4 April 1483), was the eldest son of William Bourchier and Anne Plantagenet. His mother was a granddaughter of Edward III and, through her mother, great-great-granddaughter of Edward I. He was thus a great-grandson of Edward III.

He inherited the title of Lord (or Baron) Bourchier from his cousin Elizabeth on her death in 1433, became 1st Viscount Bourchier in 1446, a Knight of the Garter in 1452, and was finally created Earl of Essex in 1461.

He was Lord High Treasurer from 29 May 1455 – 5 October 1456, 28 July 1460 – 14 April 1462, and 22 April 1471 – 4 April 1483. He also became Justice in Eyre south of the Trent in 1461, holding that title till his death.

August 24, 2009

Origin of Names – Example

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Where do names originate from?

A quick example off the ‘top of my head’ —


Franklin = has a Middle English origin, meaning “Free landowner”.

Delano = de la Noye:[is of Old French origin][meanings: Of the night|Alder grove.]

* Respelling of French De la Noye, habitational name, with the preposition de, for someone from any of various places called La Noue or La Noë.

Roosevelt = [Dutch origin] meaning, from the ‘rose field’ [or field of roses]:

* An Anglicized version of the Dutch surname VAN ROSEVELT, meaning “of the rose field.”

From reading this you can see that Franklin D. Roosevelt had a varied genealogy — English, French, and Dutch (or German).

Also, from the readings I have been doing about various European Protestant groups, Scottish Crypto-Jews, Sephardic Jews, and French Huguenot surnames. Many of whom were ‘forced’ to leave Europe because of the differing religious or political views.

He could/can have very well had genetic/ancestral “ties” to many of these cultural/genetic groups.

I do know that he is a very distant cousin on my tree — plus he is related to many of the other (previous) presidents of the United States; either by blood or by marriage.

Just a quick note of what you can find out about historical figures (you did not already know) by doing extended family tree research, and surname origins.

More later.

— Cathy Ann Abernathy

August 23, 2009

“Clan Fraser” Group Project

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Family Tree DNA – DNA Kit Orders

Surnames In This Project

Abberton, Abbott, Abercromby, Abernather, Abernathie, Abernathy, Aberneathie, Abernethi, Abernethy, Abernetti, Abernythe, Abirnather, Abirnathie, Abirnethie, Abirnethny, Abirnidhr, Abirnythy, Abraham, Abrenethy, Abrenethyn, Abrenythe, Abrenythi, Abrenythie, Abrenythyn, Abrnnete, Aburnethe, Acheson, Achmooty, Action, Adair, Adam, Adams, Adamson, Addis, Addy, Adie, Adley, Adlin, Adlum, Adorian, Adrain, Affleck, Agar, Agarty, Aghoon, Aglish, Agnew, Aherne, Ahessy, Aide, Aidy, Aiken, Aikenhead, Ailman, Ainslie, Airey, Airlie, Aitcheson, Aitken, Alaister, Albanagh, Albirnyth, Alcock, Alcorn, Aldin, Alexander, Algee, Algeo, Allardice, Allen, Allerdice, Alley, Allingham, Allison, Allman, Alpin, Alrethes, Altimas, Alyward, Ambrose, Amooty, Amory, Anderson, Andrews, Angier, Angland, Anglim, Anglin, Anguish, Angus, Anketell, Annesley, Annett, Ansbery, Ansboro, Anstruther, Anthony, Aragan, Arbuthnott, Archbold, Archdale, Archdeacon, Archdeakin, Archdekin, Archer, Archibald, Arcus, Ardagh, Ardiff, Ardill, Ardle, Argue, Arkins, Arland, Armitage, Armour, Armstrong, Arnold, Arnott, Arragan, Arrell, Arrol, Arthur, Arthurs, Arthurson, Arundel, Ashe, Askey, Askin, Aspel, Aspig, Aston, Athy, Atikins, Atkinson, Attegart, Attridge, Aubin, Auchinleck, Audley, Augher, Aughey, Aughmuty, Auld, Aulife, Austin, Averell, Ayleward, Aylmer, Aylward, Ayres, Ayson, Babe, Backas, Bacon, Badger, Bagby, Bagenal, Bagge, Baggott, Bagley, Bagnal, Bagnall, Bagot, Bagwell, Bailey, Baillie, Bain, Baird, Bairnson, Baker, Bakey, Baldoon, Baldrick, Baldwin, Balfe, Balffe, Balfour, Ball, Ballach, Ballagh, Ballentine, Ballentyne, Ballesty, Ballinger, Ballivan, Balmer, Balton, Bambrick, Bambury, Bamford, Banaghan, Banane, Bane, Banfield, Banigan, Banim, Banks, Bannaghan, Bannatyen, Bannatyne, Bannerman, Bannister, Bannon, Banon, Banville, Barber, Barbour, Barclay, Bardane, Barden, Bardon, Barker, Barlow, Barnacle, Barnane, Barnard, Barnes, Barnett, Barneville, Barnewall, Baron, Barr, Barran, Barret, Barrett, Barrington, Barron, Barry, Barter, Bartleson, Bartley, Barton, Bas de, Baskin, Basking, Basnett, Basok, Basquill, Bass, Bassett, Bastable, Bastick, Bateman, Bates, Bathe, Battersby, Battle, Battles, Bawn, Baxter, Baxtor, Bayly, Bayne, Beaghan, Beaine, Beakey, Beamish, Bean, Beane, Beard, Beary, Beasley, Beasty, Beath, Beaton, Beattie, Beatty, Beaumont, Beceit, Becher, Beck, Beckett, Beegan, Begbie, Begg, Beggan, Beggane, Begge, Begg’s, Beghane, Beglan, Begley, Beglin, Begney, Behan, Beirne, Beirton, Bell, Bellew, Bellingham, Bello, Belloch, Bellocht, Belton, Benane, Benbo, Benison, Bennett, Bennis, Benson, Bentley, Berachry, Beresford, Bergan, Bergin, Berkey, Berkley, Bermingham, Bernal, Bernard, Berne, Berney, Berochry, Berocky, Berrane, Berreen, Berrell, Berrigan, Berrill, Berry, Berth, Besack, Besat, Besate, Besek, Beset, Besnard, Bessat, Best, Beston, Betagh, Bethel, Bethune, Betty, Bevan, Beveridge, Bewley, Bickerstaff, Biggam, Biggane, Biggar, Biggins, Biggy, Bigham, Bigholm, Bigland, Bigley, Binane, Binchy, Bindon, Bingham, Binnie, Biracrea, Birch, Bird, Birn, Birney, Birrane, Birrell, Birrin, Birt, Biscet, Biset, Biseth, Bisey, Bishop, Bissait, Bissaite, Bissart, Bissat, Bissatge, Bissed, Bisset, Bisseth, Bissett, Bissott, Bizet, Blacagh, Black, Blackadder, Blackall, Blackbeard, Blackburn, Blackburne, Blacker, Blackhall, Blackney, Blackstock, Blackwell, Blackwood, Blair, Blake, Blakely, Blance, Blanchfield, Blanchvill, Blane, Blaney, Bleahan, Bleakley, Bleheen, Blennerhassett, Blessing, Blevins, Blewett, Bligh, Blood (Llyod), Blount, Bluett, Bodkin, Boghan, Bohane, Bohelley, Boland, Bolger, Bollard, Bolt, Bonar, Bonfiled, Bonner, Bontein, Bontine, Boone, Boorke, Borthwick, Boscoe, Boswell, Bourk, Bourke, Bourmaster, Bowdren, Bowe, Bowie, Bowler, Bowmaker, Bowman, Boy, Boyce, Boyd, Boyes, Boylan, Boyle, Brabazon, Braciator, Brackane, Bracken, Bradigan, Brady, Branagh, Branan, Brannagh, Brannigan, Brannock, Brassil, Brearty, Brebner, Bredy, Breen, Brenagh, Brenan, Brenane, Brennagh, Brennan, Brenogh, Brenon, Brereton, Breslin, Brett, Breuester, Brew, Brewester, Brewster, Brian, Briane, Brieve, Brisbane, Briscoe, Britt, Britt de, Brock, Broderick, Brodie, Brody, Broe, Brogan, Broghane, Brohoon, Broistar, Brooks, Brophy, Brosnan, Brostar, Broster, Broudy, Broun, Broustar, Broustare, Brouster, Broustir, Browistare, Brown, Browne, Browstare, Browster, Broy, Bruce,

August 16, 2009

Riggins/Reagan/Riggens – Cathy ancestors

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RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project:

# ID: I2793
# Name: James Riggin 1
# Sex: M
# Title: Rev.
# Birth: 21 MAY 1756 in Perryhawkin, Somerset, MD 1
# Death: 1 APR 1826 in Sevierville, Sevier, TN 1
# Burial: Shiloh Cem, Severeville, Sevier, TN 1
# LDS Baptism: 29 MAY 1976 Alber 1
# Endowment: 30 JUN 1976 Alber 1
# Sealing Child: 23 SEP 1976 Alber 1
# Note:


Book: Teage Riggen and his Riggen-Riggin-Riggins descendants by Sharol Riggin
found on pg. 371-373
From IGI
Home: Surnames: Riggins Family Genealogy Forum
Re: Ignatius Riggins of Sevier Co., TN 1830
Posted by: Jean Date: November 20, 2000 at 13:44:19 In Reply to: Ignatius
Riggins of Sevier Co., TN 1830 by Edna Clack of 558
James M. Riggins “Jas” was b. 21 May 1756 in Somerset Co, MD. Married Mary
Howard 27 Jan 1791 in Washington Co., VA. He died 1 Apr 1826 and is buried in
Shilo Cemetery, Severeville, Sevier Co, TN. He had 8 children, 4 sons and 4
His wife Mary died 21 Nov 1836 in Bradley Co, TN and is buried in Cleveland,
Bradley Co., TN.

Teague, Riggins/Reagan – kinship connection?

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RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project: Sims2001

# ID: I30480
# Name: Teague RIGGIN
# Given Name: Teague
# Surname: Riggin
# Sex: M
# Death: 1721 in Somerset Co., MD
# Change Date: 16 Aug 2000 at 21:52

Father: Teague RIGGIN b: Abt 1645 in Of Somerset Co., MD
Mother: Mary LONDON

Marriage 1 Mary

* Change Date: 14 Nov 2001


1. Has No Children Charles RIGGIN
2. Has No Children Teague RIGGIN
3. Has No Children Mary RIGGIN
4. Has No Children Sarah RIGGIN
5. Has No Children Samuel RIGGIN
6. Has Children John RIGGIN b: After 1703 in Somerset Co., MD

August 15, 2009

Re: Adam the Yeoman md. Mary the Noble Lady

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Re: Adam the Yeoman md. Mary the Noble Lady

Posted by: Felix Unger Date: November 13, 2000 at 21:38:45

In Reply to: Adam the Yeoman md. Mary the Noble Lady by Felix Unger of 434

A better definition of “yeoman”

In 1086, William the Conqueror took his final Domesday Book Census of England, enumerating heads of households, tools, livestock and weapons.

Yeomen were defined as free men who owned property and owed allegiance to the King, but were above serfs and laborers. They held other men as share croppers and tenants to their property and were just below the landed gentry, who were in turn just below nobility and royalty in social status. Many of the yeomen held positions of authority in the community, such as sheriff and educated staff in the service to a local lord, but still they were free men.


* Re: Adam the Yeoman md. Mary the Noble Lady Janice Parker 2/02/04

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via Re: Adam the Yeoman md. Mary the Noble Lady.

Adam the Yeoman md. Mary the Noble Lady

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Adam the Yeoman md. Mary the Noble Lady
Posted by: Felix Unger     Date: November 12, 2000 at 17:18:12
In Reply to: Durham Parish, MD info / pictures by Rob Clinkscale     of 434

Rob & Deborah:

I know nothing of the Clinkscales history, but do know something about societal positions during this time period.

A “yeoman” was a person whose family had been in service to a family of another, often for centuries. A yeoman was a free man, and was often in charge of others who were still indentured to the landowner. He was more like what what we would now call a “foreman” or a “chief groundskeeper” or sometimes he was in charge of of all workers on a large estate. The first yeomen appeared in the early Middle Ages, especially in England, when certain peasants (serfs) were given their freedom and put in charge of others on the estate, because of services they may have performed for their master (fighting, for example). In this case, Adam may have worked for Mary’s father on an estate, or for someone else on a nearby estate.

The problem with Adam and Mary was that, if her family were indeed of the nobility, or were the owners of an estate, they would have been horrified that she would marry “beneath her station in life”. By doing so, she brought shame on the family itself and showed that her father could not impose his will upon her. In the early 18th century, this was more than enough reason to disown her, which seems to be what happened here.

You may want to check out some info sources from the UK:

MAJOR INFORMATION SOURCE: Cyndi’s list of genealogy links – – Award winning site contains more than 20,500 worldwide links.

National Register of Archives (UK) web site – – Personal and Family Name Search – European Royalty/Nobility – French Nobility





Posted by: David Middleton Edelen II Date: January 31, 2001 at 05:20:20

In Reply to: Re: 4 CLINKSCALES AT ROBT.E.LEE’S SURRENDER by J Clinkscales of 434


The book, “The Appomattox Roster”, can be found in any good school or college library. I am not sure if it is in book stores, although surely you could order it. I found it in the Athens College Library, in Athens, Alabama. Also, there is a reenactment unit that portrays Co. “C” of the Palmetto Sharp-Shooters, which is the company the four Clinkscales are in. Here is their website:”

They have the rolls of all in the unit that surrenderred at Appomattox, company by company. By the way, my g.g.grandfather was in Co.”K” of the PSS. He and your Clinkscales ancestors in Co.”C” might have known each other.

I hope this little bit of info has been of some help or interest.

Take care,



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