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October 30, 2009

Speer – Georgia, South Carolina – Land Documents

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1815 Laurens?

Estate Partitions in the Washington District Court of Equity, 1803-1826

Pages 63-71a. Petition of Margarett Speirs sheweth that David Speirs, on the – day of September, 1815, died intestate, owning the following tracts of land:

1. Tract whereon he lived at the time of his death, containing 100 acres, on the waters of Little River, conveyed to David Speirs by Elijah Taylor & wife 9 and 10 Nov. 1791.

2. Tract containing 139 acres adjoining David Speirs, William Rodgers, and Thomas Word, granted to the said David Speirs 7 Apr. 1794. (Note: there is a Thomas Word in the 1830 Dale County, Alabama census near James Speer)

3. Tract containing 142 acres adjoining Robert Hunter, Elijah Taylor, Thos. Word, and Alexr McNary, granted to the said David Speirs 5 Dec. 1791.

4. Tract containing 31 acres adjoining Wm Taylor, John Workman, and John Waldrop, granted to Michael Waldrop, Junr, and by him conveyed to the said David Speirs 24 Jan. 1809.

5. Tract containing 170 acres, being part of a tract of 376 acres, conveyed by George Montgomery & John Workman 14 Mar. 1808.

6. Tract containing 150 acres, bounded on Wm Prather, James Starks, John McKelvy, and Francis Stewart, sold as the property of George Dalrymple & conveyed to the said David Speirs by Robert Word, Sheriff of Laurens District 2 Dec. 1805.

7. Tract containing 200 acres in Spartanburgh District, conveyed by Thos. Leatherwood & wife to David Speirs, and which he recovered in an action commenced by him against John Ferry in Spartanburgh Court to Try Titles.

8. One undivided moiety of a tract containing 1000 acres granted to James Smith 4 Mar. 1811 & sold by the sheriff of Laurens District to David Speirs & John Black.

Speer/Speed family in texas

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Descendants of Michael Speed

The family of Mary America Speed-Speer lived in Hopkins County, Texas. She was the sister of William Gaston Speed. He was the recently deceased husband of Mariah Ann Durham- Speed and the father of James Monroe Speed. Both parents of his nephews “Johnnie and “Willie” were recently deceased.

In 1867 James Monroe Speed, as an ex-confederate soldier, migrated from Coosa County, Alabama to Hopkins County, Texas. He was accompanied by his wife Jenni, his eldest child Cora Lee Speed, his mother Mariah Ann Durham-Speed, and his nephews “Johnnie” John Gaston Speed and “Willie” William Montgomery Speed, the sons of William Michael Speed.

Speer Family – Letters

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Family Letter of 1869 William Speer, Jr.2 (William1) of Monterey, Abbeville County, South Carolina sent the following historic letter concerning his father’s family to John Andrew Speer4 (William1, John2, William3) of LaGrange, Troup County, Georgia in 1869. John was a great grandson of William Speer, Sr1. and was a Georgia State Senator at the time. Although the location of the original hand-written letter is unknown, typed versions of the letter have been published several times and data from the letter has been quoted in many publications. The copy of the letter given below was taken from published transcripts in the LaGrange Reporter (Troupe County, Georgia) and the Gaffney Ledger (Cherokee County, South Carolina). An original copy of the LaGrange Reporter article was provided by George William Whitmire6 of Jacksonville, Florida. Alexander Speer2 (William1) was an editor of the LaGrange Reporter in 1833 (CHAPTER 6).

Monterey P.O., Abbeville District, S. C., Dec 9, 1869.

John A. Speer, Esq.:

Dear John:

I received your letter of August last, and, for several reasons, have not answered until now. You ask me to give you some particulars of my Father’s (your Great Grand Father’s) history, which you mention in several interrogatories, and which I will do, but altogether from recollection.

My Father was born in Ireland in 1747, in the county Antrim, near the town of Stebaul; his name was William. His mother died at his birth; she was the daughter of William Houston, and her name, Margaret; his Grand Father, William Houston, took him and raised him; his Father married again and had four sons, named, Joseph, John, James and Alexander. At about twenty-five years of age he came to America; landed at Christian Bridge, Delaware River, on the 3rd of September, 1772. He lived in the State of Pennsylvania in the year of 1773; he came to Charleston, S.C., in the year 1774. In the year 1775 the Revolutionary war began.

Speer/Spear men – during Civil War

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37th Alabama Regiment of Volunteer Infantry CSA | Slaton – Stalvy

Spear, Thomas
Company C
POW at Missionary Ridge TN on 25 Nov 1863 and sent to Nashville TN, Louisville KY and on to Rock Island Prison IL

Spears, Archibald C (“Arch”)
Rank Unknown (presumed to be a Private as he is also listed as “Musician”)
Company F
Enlisted 10 Aug 1861 (record predated formation of 37th AL CSA); Listed as “Musician”; Paroled at Greensboro NC 1 May 1865 as part of CONSOLIDATED 37th AL CSA Company F

Spears, Henry W
Company A
Age at Enlistment: 32
Enlisted 5 May 1862 at Abbeville AL by A.C. Gorden; Listed as Private on Muster Roll of Company A dated 13 May 1862 at Auburn AL; Served as Teamster Sep & Dec 1862 and Jan 1863; WIA or sick as he signed his parole at Vicksburg MS on 13 July 1863 in City Hospital as a Private of Co. A of the 37th AL Infantry CSA, and is listed among sick or wounded aboard steamer H. Chouteau bound for Mobile AL via New Orleans LA; Died in service of unknown cause at unknown place/date; Claim for deceased soldier filed 14 Sep 1864 by R.A. Spears, widow

Spears, L
Company A
Enlisted (Conscripted?) __ Oct 1864; paroled at Greensboro NC 1 May 1865 as part of CONSOLIDATED 37th AL CSA Company A

Speer (Speir), Alfred A
Company I
Enlisted 28 Apr 1862 at Lafayette AL after serving 12 months in 7th AL Infantry Regiment CSA; Appears on Muster Roll of “Company ’I’ 37th Regiment, Alabama Volunteers at LaFayette, Chambers County, Alabama, March 6, 1862” published in 31 July 1901 issue of LAFAYETTE SUN (LaFayette, Chambers County AL) with Privates as “Speer, Alfred A.”; Witnessed the Confederate Pension application of Mrs. B. H. (Lucey) Hammack, widow of Benjamin H. Hammack (Co. I); Relationship unproven, but possibly related in some manner to Joseph Jarrell (Co. I) as his wife’s name known to be Mary Palestine Spiers – see Jarrell’s record

Martin – Coat of Arms, surname meaning

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Family Tree Maker’s Genealogy Site: Photo

The ancient surname Martin is patronymic, meaning “son of Martin”. As Martin was such a popular first name in the Middle Ages, it is not surprising that the surname is very widespread. The name comes from the word “mars”, meaning “god of war”, and developed through Martinus and Marinus to the present Martin. Early records show a Helewis Martin in The Red Book of the Exchequer Rolls in Cambridgeshire in 1166; a Johannes Martynson was recorded in Howdenshire in 1379. The ancient family motto was “Sure and Steadfast”. Source: The Heritage Collection. No genealogical connection is implied.

Williams – coat of arms, surname meaning

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Family Tree Maker’s Genealogy Site: Photo

This distinguished family name can be traced as far back as the Domesday Book, with a Robert filius Willelmi recorded in 1086; Richard William lived in Oxfordshire in 1279, and a John Wylyam was recorded in the Subsidy Rolls in Sussex in 1296. Legend has it that the family Williams is descended from Brychan Brecheiniog who was Lord of Brecknock at the time of King Arthur. His seat was at Llangibby Castle in Monmouthshire. The ancient family name motto was “Cywir in Gwlad”. Source: The Heritage Collection. No genealogical connection is implied.

Wright – Coat of Arms, surname meaning.

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Family Tree Maker’s Genealogy Site: Photo

The name Wright is occupational from the Old English word “wryhta”, meaning “carpenter, joiner, one who wrought”. Early records show a Petere le Writh in Sussex in 1214 and a Robert le Wrichte was recorded in Essex in 1255. The ancient family motto was “Meritez” (French, meaning “Deservedly”). Source: The Heritage Collection. No genealogical connection is implied.

October 10, 2009

Robert Berry Clinkscales

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Re: list of clinkscales

Re: list of clinkscales
Posted by: Roberta Jordan (ID *****4471) Date: November 04, 2008 at 22:04:12
In Reply to: Re: list of clinkscales by jennabeth clinkscales of 434

Correction: Father: Robert Berry Clinkscales, son of Louis Milton Clinkscales and Alice Valeria Spruiell.
Mother: Effie Inez Hand. Listing of children:
Roberta Inez “Bobbie” Clinkscales born 3/7/1929, Leeds, Ala. Infant Boy Clinkscales born July 1930, died July, 1930, buried Mt. Hebron Cemetery, Leeds, Jefferson, Alabama. Janis Lou Clinkscales, born 10 Mar 1934, Bessemer, Jefferson, Alabama. Died 18 Aug 1998, Clermont, Florida.
I might commend you for putting all the Clinkscales lineage online – I have been relunctant to do so for lack of documentation sources, there is so much out there that is copied over and over and not correct. Please, I would hope that others would also contact you with corrections or adjustments. Roberta Clinkscales Jordan

African-American(BLACK) branch of Clinkscales

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Re: Clinkscales Ancestors-Need Confirmation

Re: Clinkscales Ancestors-Need Confirmation
Posted by: J H Clinkscale Date: September 29, 2000 at 11:56:48
In Reply to: Re: Clinkscales Ancestors-Need Confirmation by Lamont Clinkscales of 434

Hello, as you can tell I am a Clinkscale. Your question is odd and perhaps naive. I’m not sure what your looking for but I can assure you there was plenty of race mixing in the past. My Grandfather (still living and in his early 90’s)) is half white. There is a strong and vibrant African-American(BLACK) branch of the Clinkscale clan. WE ARE FAMILY! I hope this helps. Several Clinkscale’s have done a thorough family geneaology you may want to inquire for more information.
Take Care!!

Esker Clinkscales, Alabama

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Re: Clinkscales Ancestors-Need Confirmation

Re: Clinkscales Ancestors-Need Confirmation
Posted by: D.M. Weldon Date: January 23, 1999 at 06:36:00
In Reply to: Re: Clinkscales Ancestors-Need Confirmation by Ruby Muth of 434

I,too, sent you an e-mail, but, as with Cary’s attempt, it must not have gone through either.

If you’re talking about Esker and Joy Clinkscales from Spur, TX, then it’s the same Clinkscales family. Esker’s brother was Edgar and I think they were born up near Vicent, AL. They were my grandmother’s brothers. I met all of them except Ethel who died young. I have information about the family if you’re interested. I would like to hear what information you have about Esker and Joy and their family. You might try my e-mail address to see if it works from your side.

D. Weldon
Huntsville, AL

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