Clinkscales Family in America

December 17, 2012

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A very well written post/article about tracing family connections from Plantation-Era southern CLINKSCALES; and the reality that was in their lifetime(s). — CAA


Phillip Clinkscales was born April 27, 1826 and died January 22, 1892. He married Claracy Thompson Bobo (1829-1895) and had eleven known children. He and his wife are buried at Shiloh Baptist Church in Anderson County, South Carolina.  Because few records exist for African-Americans born in the South before the Civil War, Phillip’s parents were a dead end to me. My wife descends from Phillip’s oldest son, Steward Clinkscale, who moved to Arkansas in the 1880s and apparently lost all contact with his parents and siblings. Although he dropped the S in his surname, he did name two of his 11 children after his parents. For a long time, his father Phillip was a brick wall until I found my wife’s fourth cousin online. A fourth cousin means they share a great-great-great grandparent. He also told me that the descendants of Phillip and Claracy Clinkscales have a reunion and have…

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