Clinkscales Family in America

October 30, 2016

Message Boards [Excerpt/Query]

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Re: Clinkscales Tartan… or lack of one
Paula Clinkscales Newbeck (View posts)
Posted: 4 Jul 2003 4:08AM GMT
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Forgot to add a few bits of info. What I have found in my research is that Clinkscales means one of two things… either it’s a job orientated name for someone who made chain mail. The chinking of scales onto hard leather to make a chain mail suit. Or…. it’s believed to be for the land owned near a town near Coldingham Berwickshire Scotland. Since the motto, crest and coat of arms all mention some sort of mail I put my faith into the first explanation of the surname.

I also forgot to tell you what the coat of arms is. Without being hugely technical….(each part of the coat of arms has it’s own meaning as do each of the colors associated with each part) it is an Esquire’s helmet azure surmounted by two lances in black in a St. Andrew’s cross. Two red pennons drape down the sides. The helmet is for knightly duty, the lances are for bravery in battle, the black for grief, and the red pennons are awarded for gallantry, constantcy and dedication to duty.I’ll email you the full description if you want it.Paula

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